Is Espresso Stronger Than Americano?

Is Espresso Stronger Than Americano?

When comparing taste and caffeine levels ounce to ounce, espresso is stronger than Americano.

On the other hand, Americanos come in larger serving sizes, allowing you to increase your caffeine intake in a single cup.

So, at the end of the day, which one can really be considered stronger?

Espresso is stronger than Americano. Americano is an espresso shot combined with water, so it’s much less concentrated. So, when comparing equal ounces, an espresso will be stronger. However, when comparing two single servings, the two drinks should contain an equal amount of caffeine.

In this article, I’ll discuss these two drinks along with their similarities and differences.

Moreover, I’ll dive into how their strengths, caffeine content, and taste compare.

Last but not least, I’ll be answering some commonly-asked questions about the topic, so make sure to keep reading until the end.

Is Espresso or Americano Stronger?

The differences in strength between these types of coffee come from their serving methods.

There are many coffee variations, with plenty of them using espresso as their base – Americano being one of them. 

Before I can compare these two drinks, you have to understand what they are. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Espresso: A shot of coffee concentrate with a robust flavor usually served as a single ounce (30 mL). 
  • Americano: An espresso shot combined with water, usually in an eight to 12-ounce serving (about 240 to 360 mL). It’s less bitter since it’s watered down.

Since an Americano is an espresso with more hot water, it will not taste as strong as espresso.

However, you have more options when it comes to customizing your Americano. You can add creamer, milk, or a variety of flavors.

Most of the time, espresso comes without any add-ons except a small amount of sugar.

Is Espresso or Americano Stronger

It’s always served hot, too, while Americanos can be cold. To compare the two more easily, I’ll be using the terms “plain espresso” and “Americano” throughout this guide.

Overall, these drinks aren’t as different as you might think initially. They both originate from coffee concentrate.

However, their serving methods differ, creating differences in how strong they are. 

Espresso vs. Americano: Caffeine Content

Let’s compare the amount of caffeine in these two beverages first. Since they both contain a single shot of espresso, a single serving of each will have the same caffeine level.

For example, there is about 64 mg of caffeine in one espresso shot.

An eight-ounce (240 mL) serving of plain Americano should contain around the same amount. However, you might add more caffeine when you choose some add-ons for the drink.

Brewing methods can also slightly change the caffeine content in both drinks.

That said, ounce by ounce, espresso is much stronger, with 64 mg of caffeine in a single ounce (29.6 mL).

Americano is watered down, containing about eight mg of caffeine per ounce (29.6 mL). That’s a significant difference in caffeine concentration.

Espresso vs. Americano: Taste Strength

Coffee Serving

Next, let’s compare the taste strength of these two drinks. Espresso is a highly concentrated coffee, so it always tastes much stronger than Americano.

It also doesn’t contain milk or creamer most of the time, giving you a bitter, robust coffee flavor.

Americanos still have a good coffee flavor, but it’s not as intense as an espresso. They’re not as bitter and usually come with some sweetener to enhance the taste.

Americano has a richer flavor than standard brewed coffee since the preparation is different.

Espresso will always taste stronger than Americano because it doesn’t contain additional water. It’s a single, highly concentrated shot of coffee without anything else in the cup.

Serving Method

All cafes will use slightly different serving sizes and brewing methods to prepare their coffee.

Many cafes today use two shots of espresso in their Americanos, so it’s stronger than if you make it yourself at home.

If you’re concerned about caffeine content in your drinks, you should ask how many espresso shots the barista includes in their Americano before ordering.

Every cafe or restaurant you visit will have different serving methods, which can impact the strength in taste and caffeine levels.

You might not prepare your drinks the same way every time at home, which can create differences in strength too.

Still, suppose you compare these two drinks ounce to ounce anywhere. In that case, espresso will always be stronger than Americano, whether it be your own brew or from a cafe.

Is Espresso or Americano Better for a Boost?

Is Espresso the Strongest Type of Coffee

Since both of these drinks contain the same amount of caffeine content, you can get a nice energy boost from either one of them.

Still, if you’re dragging and need a quicker boost, you’ll get it quicker from an espresso shot.

You should choose Americano when you don’t mind waiting a bit for a gentle boost. Since it’s diluted espresso, your body doesn’t get hit with that caffeine all at once.

Plus, many people spend time sipping on their Americano, so you have more time to process the caffeine.

You can also make an Americano with two espresso shots, doubling the amount of caffeine you receive.

However, since you still dilute the espresso, you shouldn’t feel an intense boost in energy immediately.

So, while both options are perfect for an energy boost, you’ll want to think about how you’re feeling before choosing one. 

Is Espresso the Strongest Type of Coffee?

Espresso isn’t the strongest type of coffee, although it’s still powerful. Since it’s highly concentrated, a serving is small, meaning there’s usually more caffeine in a single serving of standard drip coffee.

However, ounce per ounce, ristretto is the strongest.

If you want your coffee to taste very strong, you’ll want to try ristretto. This coffee type is powerful and offers a more intense flavor than an espresso shot.

You receive a smaller serving, too, so a serving of ristretto and espresso are nearly the same. It’s about half a shot’s worth of coffee.

Ristretto is even made in a similar way to espresso. Essentially, it’s just a more concentrated version of coffee.

So, you’ll receive a smaller serving of ½ ounce (about 15 mL), but the coffee will taste much stronger. That means that ristretto is technically the strongest type of coffee, ounce per ounce.

Some brands, including Banned Coffee and Death Wish Coffee, make extremely caffeinated brews.

You can choose stronger coffee beans to prepare an even more intense shot of espresso.

While espresso isn’t the strongest type of coffee, it’s close. You can also use it to prepare an Americano.

Is Americano Just Water and Coffee?

Is Americano Just Water and Coffee

Americano is just water and coffee, but it’s not prepared the same way as standard brewed coffee.

To make an Americano, you need to combine espresso with hot water.

While it’s essentially water and coffee, there are many more steps to get there. Plus, you get a richer, deeper flavor.

However, since it’s espresso and water combined, you must first learn to make quality espresso shots. You won’t get a decent Americano by simply combining water and coffee.

Still, a 6-oz (177-mL) serving of Americano and drip coffee have similar levels of caffeine, despite their taste differences.

To summarize, espresso is water and coffee, meaning Americano will be the same.

You can also choose to include a variety of ingredients in your Americano.

For instance, syrups, creamers, and honey taste great in this type of coffee.


In short, an espresso shot contains the same amount of caffeine as an Americano serving.

However, since the Americano is watered-down espresso, it isn’t going to taste as strong.

Ounce to ounce, though, the espresso will have a higher concentration of caffeine every time. 

The best choice for you will ultimately depend on your preferences and caffeine requirements.

Both versions are delicious, and you can make them exactly how you like them at home.


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