12 Best San Antonio Specialty Coffee Roasters

12 Best San Antonio Specialty Coffee Roasters

Over the years, the City of San Antonio has seen a rise in coffee roasters.

This is not surprising, considering San Antonio is the seventh most populous city in the US.

Coffee is not only a morning fix but an art form where coffee roasters aim to stand out for their specialty coffee. 

The best San Antonio specialty coffee roasters include Barrio Barista Coffee, Lifeboost Coffee, What’s Brewing Coffee Roasters, Texas Grounds Coffee Company, The Brown Coffee Company, Mildfire Coffee Roasters, Berry To Bean Coffee House, Shotgun House Roasters, Medina River Coffee, and Merit Coffee.

Coffee roasters have created social spaces where residents can meet to chat as they enjoy specialty coffee rich with unique flavors.

In the following sections, I will discuss the best San Antonio specialty coffee roasters, their qualities, history, and the specialty coffees you should try.

1. Barrio Barista Coffee

Barrio Barista Coffee ventured into the coffee business in 2014.

The Jose De Hoyos family had been operating a meat market since the 1960s and opted to close shop after 17 years.

Today, Barrio Barista Coffee is one of the leading coffee roasters in San Antonio. 

Located at 3735 Culebra Rd, Barrio Barista Coffee opens its doors Wednesday to Friday from 7:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

Since it is a stone’s throw away from St. Mary’s University, it is not surprising to discover groups of students studying as they enjoy a cup of coffee. 

The Tanzania Peaberry drip coffee is one of their specialty house coffees you should try.

The 12oz (355 ml) and 16oz (470 ml) cups cost $2 and $2.75, respectively. 

Official Websitehttps://www.barriobarista.coffee/ 
Packet SizeN/A
Price of Each BagN/A
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?No

2. Lifeboost Coffee

Dr. Charles Livingston, a Chiropractic Physician, founded Lifeboost Coffee to provide healthy coffee.

After extensive research, Lifeboost Coffee offers a range of healthy, tasty, and stomach-friendly specialty coffee. 

The coffee roaster took several steps to guarantee the integrity of their Lifeboost coffee beans.

  • It sources coffee beans from a single origin to avoid cross-contamination. 
  • They use coffee beans from crops grown under shade and at high elevations. 
  • The company tests the coffee for heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides, molds, and toxins. Although the company seeks coffee grown organically, it takes extra steps to ensure the coffee quality is not compromised. 
  • They only harvest fully mature coffee beans.
  • Before roasting, they ensure the coffee beans are sun-dried and washed with spring water. 

Lifeboost Coffee has four pillars that guide its approach when making specialty coffee.

  • Whatever you put into your body should be 80% clean. The remaining 20% should be a treat.
  • Coffee production is not just a business but part of a support system for farmers, their families, and the entire community. 
  • Coffee connects people, whether they are friends or family. 
  • Treat people with love, honor, and respect. This goes to the farmers who produce the coffee beans and the customers who purchase the specialty coffee. 

Lifeboost coffee’s pH is at least 27%, less acidic than other coffees.

While it gives a similar energy boost as the other coffees on the market, some users claim they are less jittery when they use Lifeboost.

Official Websitehttps://lifeboostcoffee.com/ 
Packet Size12 oz (340 grams)
Price of Each Bag$20+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?Yes

3. What’s Brewing Coffee Roasters

What’s Brewing is one of San Antonio’s oldest coffee roasters. Roger Chbeir established the business in 1979 and sought to answer one question, “what kind of coffee do people like to drink?” 

So, for the past four decades, the company has sought to meet the changing needs of coffee drinkers.

Today, Roger’s sons, Sami and Tony, continue offering a variety of coffees thoughtfully crafted to meet the needs of all the customers that walk through their doors and those that order online. 

The business carefully sources coffee from select coffee farmers across the globe.

It also carefully cures green coffee to ensure it meets standards that guarantee well-graded, tasty coffee.

Official Websitehttps://www.sacoffeeroasters.com/ 
Packet Size1 lb / 2 lb / 5 lb (454 / 907 / 2268 grams)
Price of Each Bag$7+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?No

4. Texas Grounds Coffee Company

Located in Old Town Helotes, the Texas Grounds Coffee Company roasts coffee from Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Colombia.

Besides serving perfectly roasted coffee to walk-in and online clients, the Texas Grounds Coffee Company also offers bulk purchases at wholesale prices to other coffee shops, churches, schools, and other organizations.

The company also has specialty coffee options whose proceeds go to particular community members, for example, the first responder bundle.

Payments received from this bundle go to the police and firefighters.

Official Websitehttps://texasgroundscoffee.com/ 
Packet Size12 oz / 5 lb (340 / 2268 grams)
Price of Each Bag$16+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?No

5. The Brown Coffee Company

Jenee and Aaron Blanco established the Brown Coffee Company in December 2005.

Aaron had managed Starbucks for a few years.

“Brown” was a play on the words “Coffee” and “Cafe”, which in Spanish mean the same thing. 

The business had a humble start, with just a small tabletop coffee roaster and a few batches of coffee.

Even with this start, Jenee and Aaron knew they needed to focus on high-quality coffee beans if they were to grow. 

The duo soon moved from their parent’s garage to a small rental space, the HQ, where they sold coffee bags to walk-in customers.

Soon, the company started shipping coffee to wholesale customers. 

They then bought a used espresso machine and a grinder and moved to a tiny store-front space where they officially started serving coffee.

Before long, the community spent hours in this small coffee shop enjoying delicious coffee as they supported their own. 

Today, elite coffee farmers, a World Barista Champion, and a Food Network television star have passed through the doors of the Brown Coffee Company.

In 2013, once Jenee and Aaron established dependable sources of coffee beans, they opened their second retail cafe in Pearl Zone.

Today, the Brown Coffee Company has four branches across San Antonio, including a Southtown cafe. 

Official Websitehttps://browncoffeeco.com/ 
Packet Size12 oz (340 grams)
Price of Each Bag$16.75+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Whole Beans Only
Subscription Services?No

6. Mildfire Coffee Roasters

When Mildfire opened its doors in 2005, few coffee shops were serving delicious, high-quality coffee.

The founders only had one target, to seek excellent quality coffee beans, from the coffee farm to the cup. 

To ensure that their clients have fresh coffee, the company roasts it every week, bags it, and encourages buyers to consume it in 2-3 weeks.

This way, they enjoy the specialty coffee without compromising its taste over time. 

This approach earned this coffee shop the title “best coffee in San Antonio” a few years back. 

Some of the specialty coffee blends are great for cold brew.

If you’re interested, you can check out these cold brew recipes for tasty, flavorful coffee. 

Official Websitehttps://mildfirecoffeeroasters.com/menu 
Packet SizeN/A
Price of Each BagN/A
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?No

7. Berry To Bean Coffee House

The Berry To Bean Coffee House offers fresh coffee, smoothies, and vegan pastries. This coffee roaster provides a range of specialty coffee.

It is located at 3900 Broadway, and opens its doors at 7:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM, every day, including Saturday and Sunday.

Unlike most other coffee shops which sell ground coffee or coffee beans, Berry To Bean Coffee House focuses on specialty drinks, such as cortado, cold brew, and macchiato.  

Official Websitehttps://www.berrytobean.com/ 
Packet SizeN/A
Price of Each BagN/A
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?N/A
Subscription Services?No

8. Shotgun House Roasters

The Shotgun House Roasters is a specialty coffee shop located in Warehouse 5, this coffee shop was once a sewing factory.

It was turned into a creative, multi-suite space that has an excellent ambiance for clients seeking an ideal spot for their coffee fix. 

The coffee house roasts and sells packaged specialty coffee and has a menu of different coffee options, craft beer, wine, and bites.

It is open Monday to Thursday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and Friday to Sunday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. 

Official Websitehttps://shotgunhouseroasters.com/ 
Packet Size12 oz (340 grams)
Price of Each Bag$16.50+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?Yes

Shotgun house roasters also sell at wholesale prices for bulk purchases.

They also have special offers for customers who subscribe to long-term specialty coffee supplies. 

9. Medina River Coffee Co.

The Medina River Coffee Co. is a veteran-owned business that enjoys immense support from the community.

Besides providing coffee to the community, the coffee shop is a great place where locals meet to unwind and enjoy delicious coffee.  

This coffee roaster is located at 11825 West Avenue, Suite 101. It offers a range of single-origin coffee and coffee blends with flavors. 

Official Websitehttps://medinarivercoffee.com/ 
Packet Size12 oz (340 grams)
Price of Each Bag$10.99+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?No

The coffee roaster also has multiple coffee blends, a mix of single-origin coffees, creating unique tastes and flavors. 

Some of the popular coffee blends are:

  • Medina River Blend (1lb or 454g)
  • Roadrunner medium/dark roast (1lb or 454g)
  • Coyote dark roast (1lb or 454g)

10. Merit Coffee Co.

To Merit Coffee Co., coffee is more than an indulgence or morning ritual.

Their work is truly a revolution of a craft that they will be a part of if they continue meeting the changing tastes of coffee lovers in San Antonio. 

The coffee shop focuses on sourcing tasty and high-quality coffee.

The staff undergo intense training and earn the skill and certification to provide their customers with the best cup of coffee.

The company has also invested in specialty coffee blends, roasted to perfection. 

Official Websitehttps://meritcoffee.com/ 
Packet Size12 oz (340 grams)
Price of Each Bag$16+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?Yes

11. Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC)

In 2014, former US Army Green Beret Evan Hafer founded The Black Rifle Coffee Company.

He discussed his idea of creating a coffee roaster in honor of veterans with his friends, Matt Best, Jarred Taylor, and Richard Ryan.

They all agreed to join him as co-founders.

BRCC’s mission is to employ thousands of veterans to give them a home where they can earn their keep as they interact with the community.

The team also plays a critical role in helping veterans to transition into entrepreneurship.

Besides serving great coffee, BRCC also runs a non-profit dedicated to supporting veterans and first responders, together with their families.

BRCC develops entertaining and educational programs that bring the community together.

BRCC is so much more than its passion for veterans. The coffee roasting process is also client-centered.

Clients can choose how they enjoy their coffee by roast or style.

Among the options based on roast are light, medium, and dark. The style variations include 12oz packs, ready-to-drink, or even five pounds (2.3kg) bags. 

Official Websitehttps://www.blackriflecoffee.com/ 
Packet Size12oz (340 grams)
Price of Each Bag$16+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription ServicesYes

12. Quantum Coffee Roasters

Fidel and Diana Moreno founded Quantum Coffee Roasters from their kitchen. The two are full-time teachers but also share their love for coffee.

Quantum coffee was born when one of their students introduced them to freshly roasted coffee. 

It started as an indulgence to a student’s request for the teacher to taste freshly roasted coffee.

However, it stroked a fire in Fidel and Diana to begin roasting their coffee.

They researched different sources of coffee and how to achieve different taste notes. 

Before long, the student who unknowingly started this journey left for college, but before then, he sold his espresso, grinder, and coffee roaster to Fidel and Diana.

Today, Quantum Coffee Roasters sells tasty specialty coffee to the community.

Official Websitehttps://www.quantumcoffeesa.com/ 
Packet Size14oz (397 grams)
Price of Each Bag$14+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription ServicesYes


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