Top 11 Nashville Specialty Coffee Roasters

Top 11 Nashville Specialty Coffee Roasters

Nashville’s coffee scene has undergone tremendous growth over the past few years.

According to Statista, in Nashville, “coffee shop” was searched 68,000 times on Google in 2021.

This is not surprising since coffee is the most consumed beverage in the US, with 62% of adults drinking coffee daily. 

The best Nashville specialty coffee roasters are Barista Parlor, Stay Golden Restaurant & Roastery, Sump Coffee, Retrograde Coffee, Crema Coffee Roasters, Honest Coffee Roasters, 8th & Roast, Frothy Monkey, Bongo Java Roasting & Co., Americano Lounge, and Humphreys Street.

In the following sections, I’ll be taking you through some of the best specialty coffee roasters in Nashville (in no particular order), their history, and the most popular coffees.

1. Barista Parlor

Barista Parlor isn’t just one of the best coffee roasters in Nashville but also available in multiple locations.

So far, there are seven Barista Parlor coffee shops. They are located in:

  • East Nashville, 519 Gallatin Avenue.
  • Golden Sound, 610 Magazine Street.
  • German Town, 1230 4th Ave. N.
  • Sylvan Supply, 4101 Charlotte Ave. D120.
  • Marathon Village, 1200 Clinton St. Suite 25. 
  • Hillsboro Village, 1817 21st Ave. S.
  • BNA Airport, 1 Terminal Dr.
  • W. Hotel, 300 12th Ave. S.

Barista Parlor was established in 2012 in East Nashville. The founders introduced high-standard quality beverages, which earned them an excellent reputation across Nashville.

It is, therefore, not surprising the brand grew quickly across the city. 

Official Website 
Packet Size12 oz / 2 lb / 5 lb (340 / 907 / 2268 grams)
Price of Each Bag$18+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?Yes

2. Stay Golden Restaurant & Roastery

Jamie Cunningham, Nathanael Mehrens, and Sean Stewart opened the doors of Stay Golden Restaurant & Roastery in 2019.

Naturally, the residents were keen to see what the new establishment on 2934 Sidco Drive had to offer, and they were in for a treat.

Although it is still relatively new compared to other establishments in Nashville, the founders ensured that specialty drinks became their cornerstone.

Soon, the cafe offered one of the best coffees in Nashville.

From the aromatic cream coffee with pineapple dust to the frozen coffee cocktail, there was something for every coffee lover.

This roastery also sells freshly ground coffee under the Good Citizen brand. The coffee is available whole or ground.

Therefore, before opting to put in an order, you might want to look into the Good Citizen brand independently.

However, having tried its beans several times now, I can attest to its high quality and excellent customer service.

Official Website 
Packet Size4 oz / 12 oz / 2 lb (114 / 340 / 907 grams)
Price of Each Bag$20+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?Yes

3. Sump Coffee

Sump Coffee, located on 8 City Blvd, Ground Floor, is open daily from 7 am to 5 pm.

This coffee roaster focuses on unique handcrafted coffee that meets different tastes and preferences. 

Coffee drinkers share the same passion for coffee, but each has their preferred strength and flavor. 

Luckily, there’s no shortage of choices when purchasing from Sump Coffee, as every coffee drinker is sure to find an option that suits their preferences and budget.

Official Website 
Packet Size12 oz / 2 lb / 5 lb (340 / 907 / 2268 grams)
Price of Each Bag$17+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Whole Bean Only
Subscription Services?Yes

The Cuisinart Automatic Supreme Grind (available on guarantees a uniform grind, from extra-course to ultra-fine.

The removable chamber holds enough coffee for 32-cups.

The design is space-saving, and the cord storage allows you to store it neatly. 

I have also discussed some of the best coffee grinders, their features, and my top picks.

If you are looking for a grinder, this list offers a glimpse of what you should look for when buying one. 

4. Retrograde Coffee

Retrograde Coffee is located in the Cleveland Park neighborhood. It is a multi-roaster boasting different coffee brands, such as Onyx Coffee, Quills Coffee, and Brash Coffee.

Each batch of coffee from multiple origins is specially roasted and ground to create unique tastes. 

Some of the best specialty coffee varieties by Retrograde Coffee include Synastry, Manos De Mujer, and Decaf Palermo. 

Official Website 
Packet Size12 oz (340 grams)
Price of Each Bag$17+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?No

5. Crema Coffee Roasters

Walking along the famous Broadway Street in Nashville, you will undoubtedly come across Crema Coffee Roasters, the oldest coffee roaster in Nashville.

It features a subtle decor, with portraits on the wall and retail items. However, the rich coffee aroma of the roasting room is of interest. 

The quality of coffee is evident in the Yachi Kachise espresso and other delicious coffee flavors served.

The baristas are keen to get the grind size, ratio, and brewing time right, guaranteeing a predictably tasty coffee. 

Some of the more popular specialty coffee varieties sold include:

  • Tres Banderas: It tastes like caramel milk chocolate, caramel, and stone fruit. It is a Latin America-African Blend and is the top-selling coffee, retailing at $20 for a 12oz  (340g) bag.
  • SantaRosa, Costa Rica: It tastes like raspberry, lime, and dark chocolate. Each 12 oz (340 g) bag costs $25.
  • Blue Heron Blend is another popular coffee blend: It costs $22 for a 12 oz  (340g) bag and has cherry, orange, and milk chocolate notes. 

The roaster also sells instant coffee and brewing equipment.

Official Website 
Packet Size12 oz / 2 lb / 3 lb / 5 lb / 10 lb (340 / 907 / 1361 / 2268 / 4534 grams)
Price of Each Bag$22+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?Yes

6. Honest Coffee Roasters

Located on 230 Franklin Road, Suite 11AB, Honest Coffee Roasters has grown to be one of the best coffee roasters in Nashville based on one principle; exceeding expectations and maintaining excellence in sourcing, roasting, brewing, and serving coffee. 

The roaster also goes out of its way to ensure its clients, especially those that request ground coffee.

Coffee starts losing some of the taste and flavor when ground, so Honest Coffee Roasters endeavor to provide freshly roasted and ground coffee at all times. 

Official Website 
Packet Size12 oz / 2 lb (340 / 907 grams)
Price of Each Bag$20+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?Yes

7. 8th & Roast

8th & Roast has a somewhat fascinating history. Ed & Q were childhood friends who spent hours in 8th & Roast drawing plans for their dream restaurant.

After spending hours drinking coffee, they fell in love with it. Before long, the owners of 8th & Roast asked the duo to become partners in the business. 

Ed and Q were tasked with the responsibility of crafting the best coffee. This starts with getting high-quality coffee from reliable sources across the globe.

To ensure a sustainable supply of coffee beans, the team became part of a global sustainability movement. 

Instead of dealing with intermediaries, the team at 8th & Roast works with coffee-growing communities to encourage them to keep growing coffee and provide a direct market for their produce. 

Although Ed & Q eventually moved on to build their restaurant, Sinema, they have maintained contact with 8th & Roast.

They buy their coffee beans at wholesale prices from 8th & Roast. 

8th & Roast has also grown. It opened its second branch on Charlotte Avenue in 2018 and continues offering the best coffee in Nashville. 

Official Website 
Packet Size12 oz / 5 lb (340 / 2268 grams)
Price of Each Bag$15+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Whole Beans Only
Subscription Services?Yes

8. Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey is another specialty coffee roaster in Nashville. It offers a range of single-origin coffees and coffee blends that have become increasingly popular with its clients.

It also delivers coffee at a subsidized price to the members who have subscribed for regular coffee deliveries depending on the client’s schedule.

Some of their popular specialty coffees include:

  • The Costa Rica Chacon Black Diamond (Roaster Series Coffee): It has a delicate balance of raspberry, decadent brownies, and rooibos tea flavors. Each 12 oz (340 g) pack goes for $24. 
  • Howler Espresso Coffee: It is a blend of Brazilian and Central American coffee with red grapes, almond butter, and dark chocolate notes. The price varies, from $16 – $96, depending on the quantity.
  • Brunch Coffee: This is a blend of Ethiopian and components of Central American coffee. It has almond, citrus, and sweet black tea flavors. 
  • 12South Medium Roast Coffee: This coffee is one of the most popular because of its chocolate, red apples, and hazelnuts. It is great for a regular cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, or even cold brew. A 12oz (340 g) bag costs $16, while a 5 lb (2.2 kg) bag costs $96. 
  • Frothy Cold Brew Blend: This is a blend of Guatemala and Ethiopian coffee. It has notes of milk chocolate, bartlett pear, and hazelnut. 
Official Website 
Packet Size0.9 lb (408 grams)
Price of Each Bag$16+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?Yes

9. Bongo Java Roasting Co.

When Bongo Java Roasting Co. opened its doors, it focused on providing great organic coffee roasts for Fair Trade brews.

It was the pioneer coffee roaster in Nashville and has stood the test of time.

Not only has it continued to provide excellent coffee, but it has opened multiple branches.

The first coffee roaster is on Belmont Blvd. The rest are in East Nashville, Omni Hotel, and Johnny Cash Museum.

All these spaces are not only excellent for the quality of coffee they offer, but also for the space and ambiance, which are great for studying and socializing.

Official Website 
Packet Size12 oz / 2 lb / 5 lb (340 / 907 / 2268 grams)
Price of Each Bag$14.99+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?No

10. Americano Lounge

The primary goal of Americano Lounge is to serve high-quality coffee and cocktails, and it has lived up to its expectation.

Cody Pellerin, the founder, chose the name Americano Lounge as a reminder of American and European culture during World War II.

During this period, cafes, bars, cocktails, and coffee shops gained popularity.

Today, Americano Lounge may have a more recent setting and decor, with all the perks of modern society.

It also brings the community together as they socialize and make merry, just as the founders intended.

Now, their blends taste better than ever, and there’s no shortage of aromatic, flavorful options for you to choose from.

One downside I should note is that if you’re trying to buy in bulk, this isn’t the place for you.

Their standard packages are pretty small, meaning you probably won’t get the best price per ounce, but I believe the premium quality is worth the investment.

Official Website 
Packet Size2 / 4 / 6 / 8/ 12 oz (56.5 / 113 / 170 / 226 / 340 grams)
Price of Each BagN/A
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?No

11. Humphreys Street

Humphreys Street was established in 2008, and it had two missions: to provide the best coffee and train the youth on matters of coffee to help them become employable.

The young people in the community have embraced the mentorship programs because of the limited employment opportunities in the area. 

Besides receiving mentorship on sourcing, grinding, and brewing coffee, the youth also learn accounting. Some even have access to academic scholarship opportunities. 

Like other coffee roasters, Humphreys Street has carved a niche for itself, roasting excellent coffee.

Some of the most popular coffee varieties they offer include:

  • Ethiopia Shefina
  • Rwanda Ibisi
  • Montealegre (El Salvador)
  • Capucas (Honduras)
  • Las Lajas (Costa Rica)
  • La Hermosa (Guatemala)

As you can see, no matter your preferences, you’re sure to find an option that fits your taste and budget here at Humphreys Street.

Official Website 
Packet Size12 oz / 5 lb (340 / 2268 grams)
Price of Each Bag$15+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?Yes


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