The Best Sydney Specialty Coffee Roasters

6 Best Sydney Specialty Coffee Roasters

If you’re a coffee lover visiting (or residing in) Sydney, I’ve got great news for you: the city is filled to the brim with experienced specialty coffee roasters.

However, given that there’s such a wide array of establishments to choose from, how can you identify the ones that will provide the most memorable experience?

The best specialty coffee roasters in Sydney are Sample Coffee Pro Shop, Reuben HIlls, Mecca Coffee, Single O, Coffee Alchemy, and 212 BLU. Their knowledge of coffee is unparalleled, and their love for the craft is evident in their products. 

So keeping this in mind, let’s check out the most sought-after Sydney specialty coffee roasters and what raises their reputations as experts in coffee.

I’ll also add each roaster’s contact details in formatted tables for proper visibility.

Let’s get started!

1. Sample Coffee Pro Shop

Sample Coffee Pro Shop is haven when it comes to finding the best cups of coffee served with love.

Sample Coffee cafe is a homely coffee shop known for its rustic craftsmanship and passion for the beans.

Here, try to catch up with Willie the Boatman, the man and face behind Sample Coffee’s origin, existence, and popularity. 

Willie’s room is designed to create unique cups of coffee, each sip helping you weave a tale of gastronomical love.

His coffee beans are exotic from regions like Columbia, Ethiopia, and Panama, well-known to jolt you up from a fatigued spell as they grace your tongue.

Willie creates a blend of these beans, infusing them with the best milk to produce unforgettable cups of espressos that will make your day. 

Whether you like your brew dark and intense or a little mild, the Sample Coffee Cafe will always have something in store for you.

If a strong cup of espresso is not your jam, you can check out the lightly manual brews to warm you from within.

The cafe also specializes in herbal drinks such as cascara kombucha. 

Now cascara is the dried-up husks from coffee cherries’ skins, blended and fermented into a lightly sweet and enjoyable drink for those who need a warm and herbal embrace from mother nature.

And if you want something fuzzy and fizzy to play around with, the cafe’s soda selections are a crowd favorite! 

For the best experience, visit Sample Coffee after 9 AM to enjoy hearty plates of sandwiches, cookies, and pastries to munch on alongside your cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Here at the cafe, you will be embraced within the arms of a rustic yet soothing caffeinated heaven, engulfing you into the delicate yet rich scents of the coffee beans and frothy milk brewing to perfection. 

Official Website
Packet Size0.55lb / 0.88lb / 2.20lb (250 / 400 / 1000 grams)
Price of Each BagA$17.20+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?Yes
Sample Coffee Pro Shop

2. Reuben Hills

If you’re at the Surry Hills and want a cup of freshly brewed coffee to grace your day, check out Reuben Hills.

The coffee here has been winning over the hearts of locals and tourists alike since 2012, thanks to its cups possessing an intoxicating aroma that will make your day that much more enjoyable.

This cafe is well-known for its wide range of selections that appeal to coffee enjoyers globally. 

Here, you can indulge in filter roasts and espresso coffee made from the best South American coffee beans.

Thanks to the cafe’s boutique micro-roastery aesthetic, the cafe converts first-time coffee enjoyers into repeat customers looking to broaden their experience with various grinding styles.

Here, you can opt for your cup to be: 

  • AeroPress
  • French Press
  • Whole Bean
  • Cold Brew
  • Pour Over

You can also peek at their online store for some of the best coffee experiences to indulge in at home.

Reuben Hills visits coffee farmers and only uses locally-sourced coffee beans to encourage their hard work and dedication towards their craft.

These beans enrich your taste buds, helping you enjoy the best blends in your favorite brewing styles!

The cafe is well-known for its above-excellent customer service, which attracts more dedicated coffee lovers to this humble yet loving brewery.

Visit them to enjoy Reuben’s delicious dishes alongside their fantastic cup of coffee.

Check out their humble yet extensive menu teeming with the most delicious bites and sips that can turn a frown upside down.

They also offer wholesale purchases online for a dedicated coffee business that loves to enrich its clientele’s souls with fresh and high-quality brews.

And if you would like to enjoy their delicious and rustic range of coffee at home, check out their subscription services that deliver the much-awaited packages right at your doorstep! 

Official Website
Packet Size0.55lb /  2.20lb (250 / 1000 grams)
Price of Each BagA$15+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?Yes
Reuben Hills

3. Mecca Coffee

Their tagline suggests that Mecca Coffee is all about roasting, brewing, and loving those magical coffee beans.

Their comforting and epic roasted coffee beans bring out the best moments for anyone who takes their first sip.

The first cafe stands proud at one of the many warehouses in Alexandria. 

Its striking and gorgeous interior decor has been the talk of the town among many coffee lovers who love to sip their beverage of choice surrounded by a homely, rustic aesthetic.

Its century-old furnishings, brass, and monochrome tiles add to the rich, aromatic, and floral tastes that each cup of coffee holds inside Mecca. 

As one of the old-school cafes within the Sydney coffee scene, Mecca has perfected its roasted coffee journey, offering the funkiest, floral, yet caramelly sweet sips.

All repeat customers and coffee-lovers around the area will suggest you order some of their favorite Mecca desserts to enjoy alongside their roasted coffee sips. 

The best and most popular choice is the syrup-coated lavender and orange cake.

Its sugary-sweet and slightly tangy aftertaste will have you reaching out for your steaming coffee mug, infusing these luxurious flavors into a heavenly culinary experience. 

Now Mecca’s coffee packaging is another aspect that adds to the cafe’s popularity.

You will find their packets with bright, floral, and colorful patterns extremely charming.

These designs each have their own tales.

Each of them connotes each of Mecca’s unique flavor categories, such as:

  • Rich and Comforting
  • Bright and Juicy
  • Light and Floral
  • Wild and Funky

Every category holds their coffee beans from a region that specializes in coffee beans that enhances the ideated taste.

Hence, the company cherry-picks the best regions, altitudes, and farmers for the best source to add to each category.

These categories are enriching and flavorful, bringing out the best coffee experience you will ever have at Mecca Cafe!

Official Website
Packet Size0.55lb / 1.10lb / 2.20lb (250 / 500 / 1000 grams)
Price of Each BagA$18+
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Both
Subscription Services?Yes
Mecca Coffee

4. Single O

Single O at Surry Hills has been all the rage among all coffee enjoyers.

Their rich and flavorful blends have been winning hearts since 2003, co-founded by two visionaries who first named the store Single Origin Roasters.

Their production traces back to global sellers, helping the cafe brew the finest mugs of steaming coffee from beans worldwide. 

Single O comes with its solar-powered roastery, milk tap system, and re-usable DIY cup washer.

Each of these initiatives aims to give back the earth its essence and invest in zero-waste business initiatives.

Upon visiting this gorgeous cafe, you can order your coffee at the self-service batch brew bar. 

Here, you can order four single-origin coffees from the one-button machine.

The cafe opened with its passion for coffee and invested in various task sections such as:

  • Roasting
  • Sampling
  • Calibrating
  • Cupping
  • Sourcing
  • Tasting
  • Blending

These ongoing trial and tweaking methods have given the cafe a reputation for offering the best coffee experiences for all its consumers.

All the flavors are distinctive and unique, making them a cult favorite among local and visiting coffee lovers.

Not to forget, the roasting never stops at the Single O. They are always on the grind, testing out new flavors and aromas to finalize enriching flavors that hit the shelves.

Single O also owns a sister tasting and roasting cafe in Tokyo, Japan, to distribute and quicken taste and product authenticity tests. 

The cafe thrives on innovations to ensure that they continue to blend and create the best steaming mugs without impacting the environment.

Single O’s “No Death to Coffee” is one such initiative, striving toward fighting bean scarcity due to global climate changes.

And if you wish to enrich yourself with brewing methods, specialty coffee, and more, check out their online site for updated projects and tutorials to help all coffee lovers.

You can also buy in bulk from their wholesale section for your business and add a rich, flavorful tang to your drinks menu!

Official Website
Packet Size0.55lb /  2.20lb (450 / 1000 grams)
Price of Each BagA$2.50+ (for single parachutes) and A$18 per pack of single origins and blends
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Ground
Subscription Services?Yes
Single O

5. Coffee Alchemy

Coffee Alchemy at Marrickville will hit the spot if you want an artisanal coffee experience.

Their diverse selection of coffee through multitudes of brewing methods has made them the ideal destination for enthusiasts in Barangaroo and Stand Arcade since 2003.

Hazel de Los Reyes, the owner of Coffee Alchemy, proudly spends her days researching and experimenting on various coffee brewing techniques to master her already-impeccable art. 

Her childhood was spent learning about coffee cultivation in her grandmother’s backyard, instilling a genuine thirst for culinary at a young age.

And this was back in the Philippines, where she drank wok-roasted coffee, enriching her palette with a smooth, rustic, and rich coffee aftertaste that she strives to perfect in her time. 

After moving to Australia at 18, Hazel bought herself a coffee machine.

Eventually, she got herself a grinder to bring out the enriching taste of coffee.

She believes in the heart of tasting as the coffee beans change taste according to the local climates.

Her mantra is to keep tasting till she finds the right notes to serve her customers. 

Hazel believes in freshly-harvested beans that grow in season and hold a rich and soulful aroma that reflects authenticity in every cup.

Here, you will find coffee in many of its forms:

  • Cold drip
  • Sparkling cold coffee
  • Six pour-over coffees
  • House blend
Official Website
Packet Size0.55lb /  2.20lb (450 / 1000 grams)
Price of Each BagA$2.50+ (for single parachutes) and A$18 per pack of single origins and blends
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Ground
Subscription Services?Yes
Coffee Alchemy

6. 212 BLU

If you love to have your coffee alongside a hearty meal, then the 212 BLU is the place for you.

Here, you can lavish yourself with the best cold brew and filter coffee that takes the Newtown locality by storm!

You can also try out their special signature espresso martini, designed to give you an energy jolt!

While this bar cafe is busy with night owls all night, the morning is always about coffee.

You can always head on to get yourself a rich and aromatic 5 Senses expresso.

The cafe is well-known for serving Loggerhead Coffee Co coffee to all its patrons. 

And while the area’s nightlife frequents the cafe for its high-quality booze and meals, 212 BLU is famous for offering one of the best coffee blends to its customers.

It is a memorable spot and holds a special place in the heart of anyone who tries out their delicious coffee that wakes up your soul. 

Not to forget, Loggerhead Coffee comes with its specialized coffee pods to help you feel like royalty with every sip!

You can always look through their social media handles to discover some great discount rates on your purchases.

So check out their offers online and try for yourself one of the best coffee experiences Sydney has in store.

Official Website
Packet SizeN/A
Price of Each BagN/A
Ground Beans or Whole Beans?Ground
Subscription Services?N/A
212 BLU


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