The Best Tampa Specialty Coffee Roasters in 2024

The specialty coffee roasting scene in Tampa has come a long way in recent years. And with so much choice on offer, it’s difficult to know just who the best coffee roasters are.

In no particular order, I’ve put together a list of my favorite coffee roasters roasting the best coffee beans in Tampa, Florida. I provide you with a little background on each roaster along with what they have to offer this year.


Zeal Coffee Roasters began its journey in a garage using a homemade roaster made from a chop shop popcorn popper. This machine quickly became the talk of the town within a few months.

The thrill of discovering all the hidden secrets of coffee pushed the founders to join the industry full-time. The founders wanted to impact everyone by providing a craft and art that was lacking in Tampa at the time.

Peter Davidson, Zeal’s owner, was working a 9-5 job in the corporate world when the idea was born. He did not know much about coffee back then, but his coffee business idea soon changed when his business partner talked him into importing coffee from his family-owned fields in Honduras.

The thought of importing organically cultivated coffee beans blew Peter’s mind. The two would soon start to draw up business plans for their new venture.

Although Peter achieved his dream of owning a coffee shop, he still dreamt of providing quality roasted coffee to residents of Tampa, so he set about testing out different coffees to realize this dream.

After traveling the world, he decided to split off from the original company and started roasting his coffee. To achieve his goals of providing quality roasted coffee for Tampa residents, Peter used the best roasting and sourcing methods available to him.

Pack sizes8oz / 3lb
Bag price$10.00+
Whole bean & ground?Whole bean only
Subscription service?Yes

Buddy Brew

Dave Ward and his wife Susan founded this coffee roaster in Tampa during their days dating. Their roasting journey would begin when Dave decided to give his wife a coffee maker as a gift.

The two lovebirds explored the world to try new coffees, joining different coffee clubs on the way. This experience helped them discover effective brewing methods and coffee equipment. Moreover, they realized that nothing compares to coffee made from freshly roasted beans.

The visits also inspired the pair to start roasting their own coffee. Little did they know that their lives were about to change completely when they decided to have fun by gifting their home-roasted beans to friends.

The couple jokingly named their label Buddy after their pet dog. Their friends fell in the love with the coffee, and the name stuck.

Dave and Susan bought themselves a Diedrich IR-7 commercial roaster and set about roasting coffee from their garage. They started an online business in order to deliver their roasted coffee to all coffee enthusiasts since they did not have the means to open a roastery.

In 2010, the pair opened their first professional roastery and coffee bar in Tampa, with Dave working as a lone employee. Back then, the couple used a coffee can as the cash register and had one product, which was a $2 self-service “bottomless” cup of coffee. From humble beginnings, the coffee bar has grown to become a local phenomenon.

Pack sizes12oz / 5lb
Bag price$16.00+
Whole bean & ground?Both
Subscription service?Yes

Blind Tiger

This coffee roaster is a speakeasy-inspired lifestyle brand for all coffee enthusiasts who want to enjoy quality and richness in life pleasures.

In 2014, the company opened its first café in the historic Ybor City, Tampa. The founders wanted to introduce quality roasted coffee to a city notable for its historic richness.

Their passion for quality and original roasts would later push the founders to open new cafes in Seminole Height in 2016 and SoHo in 2018.

Blind Tiger Coffee Roasters has become a notable coffee roaster in Tampa and the surrounding areas after opening several locations. Opened in 2018 in South Tampa, the third location serves as the company’s flagship site. Coffee enthusiasts will now have a retreat from Soho’s bustling nightlife.

Apart from serving quality Roasts, Blind Tiger Coffee Roaster also takes pride in offering an assorted blend of coffees and teas. The company also prides itself on providing freshly baked gluten-free treats. Coffee enthusiasts can also enjoy the original breakfast and lunch menu items.

Pack sizes8oz / 5lb
Bag price$10.00+
Whole bean & ground?Whole bean only
Subscription service?No


Caffeine Roasters started its life in 2016. Four coffee enthusiasts joined hands to open their first specialty coffee shop at 212 E Cass Street in downtown Tampa. The four friends named their new venture Caffeine Roasters. When starting this coffee roaster, the founders promised to use a democratic approach to their specialty coffee menu by bringing innovative coffee recipes to the public. This democratic approach has enabled Caffeine Roasters to enjoy community support.

Caffeine Coffee Roasters would open a second location at 2420 W Kennedy Street in Tampa to better serve coffee enthusiasts in Tampa and the surrounding areas. This location is known as The Mothership and is a massive 1,800-square-foot roaster. It hosts more than forty seats and a drive-through for busy coffee enthusiasts. Caffeine Roasters prides itself on whipping up a full range of specialty coffee beverages, an all-day selection of house-made breakfast. You will also get lunch and pastries when you visit this location.

The company works with a reliable importer to source exotic coffee bean flavors from around the world. This enables this notable coffee roaster to roast single-origins and Guatemalan, Brazilian beans, and Colombian blend. The roasts are roasted light by American standards and blend seamlessly with milk in classic coffees.

The Menu specialties at Caffeine Roasters include an iced frothy sweet drink, sparkling coffee, and cold brew infused with orange. Caffeine Roasters also produces a fresh menu for lunch and breakfast at their Kennedy kitchen.

Pack sizes12oz / 2lb
Bag price$9.00+
Whole bean & ground?Both
Subscription service?No


Foundation Coffee Roasters prides itself on providing a real alternative to the typical coffee chains offering espresso drinks and handcrafted coffee. The company has various fresh food options and an expanding tea bar. This coffee roaster strives to provide an exceptional coffee shop experience by delivering great taste and quality services.

Foundation works with local baristas who understand that great expresso needs more than just a push of the button. You will get your money’s worth when you order your favorite latte, espresso, latte, drip coffee, and specialty tea.

The coffee roaster strives hard daily to learn and improve their brewing skills from the leading coffee experts. Foundation makes sure every cup represents the barista who extracted it makes it one of the best coffee roasters in Tampa and the surroundings.

Clients who have been to their locations say that Foundation delivers delicious coffee and a quality atmosphere. You can visit their cafes across Tampa to enjoy quality roasts.

Pack sizes
Bag price$18+
Whole bean & ground?
Subscription service?No

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