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The Best Phoenix Specialty Coffee Roasters in 2024

Phoenix has a growing number of specialty coffee roasters within the city. But with all the choice, it’s difficult to know just who the best coffee roasters are.

In no particular order, we’ve put together a list of our six favorite coffee roasters roasting the best coffee beans in Phoenix. We provide you with a little background on each roaster along with what they have to offer this year.


Press Coffee was founded in 2008 by husband and wife Steve Kraus and Tram Mai. Despite initial difficulties brought about by the 2008 recession, Press has flourished and grown and is now an Arizona specialty coffee staple, with 8 locations.

In 2019, Press opened a massive flagship roastery and cafe in Phoenix, at 10443 N 32nd Street. In this large, two-storied, minimalist-industrial space, patrons can not only enjoy a variety of top quality specialty coffee drinks but also appreciate the sights and smells of the coffee roasting process, which takes place on full display.

The new roastery did not replace the company’s previous production facility as it has since been converted into a cold brew factory. There they produce kegged coffee for wholesale and retail accounts, as well as a recently-launched ready-to-drink canned coffee product line.

The company is committed to supporting Arizona communities by donating to a different charity or organization each year. This year, Press chose to generously donate to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

The Press website has a hugely impressive range of coffees on offer. You’ll find blends, single origins, and decaf from the top coffee-producing countries of Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Among the offers are some very special, limited-edition coffees such as a rare pink bourbon variety from Colombia. These coffees are quite a bit more expensive than the usual offerings, but it’s a great opportunity to sample how diverse coffee can be.

For Press’s regular coffees, prices start from $14 for a 12oz bag that comes as whole bean or ground to suit a range of the best coffee makers and machines.

Press also has a flexible subscription service for you to take advantage of. Select from a wide range of different coffees to be delivered weekly, fortnightly, or four-weekly. The coffees can be purchased as whole bean or ground to suit whichever type of coffee drink you prefer to make.
Pack sizes12oz / 5lbs
Bag priceFrom $14
Whole bean & ground?Both
Subscription service?Yes


Infusion is a specialty coffee roasters and cafe located in Tempe. Its founder and owner, Patrick O’Malley, has a long and intimate relationship with coffee.

A chance opportunity to fix an espresso machine back in 1984 introduced O’Malley to his calling, sending him on a path to become one of the top specialty coffee roasters in the Phoenix area.

Since then, he’s owned an espresso machine repairs company and a wholesale coffee distributor, before entering the world of coffee roasting in 2010.

After graduating from Europe’s Specialty Coffee Association, he went on to found his own coffee education institution, the International Barista & Coffee Academy. He opened Infusion Coffee and Tea Crafters in 2015, as the culmination of this long and deep history with coffee.

Located at 1300 E Street #100 in Tempe, Infusion allows patrons to learn about the coffee roasting process, while enjoying top quality coffees from all over the world. Infusion sources its coffee responsibly, working either directly with farmers or through vetted and trusted green importers.

Their coffees are held to the strictest standards and roasted using state of the art technology. As a result, Infusion offers some of the best specialty coffee anywhere.

The Infusion website has a nice selection of coffees ranging from blends to single origins to decaf. The coffees have been sourced from the major coffee-producing continents along the coffee belt.

Prices start from $13.85 for an 8oz bag of whole bean coffee, so you’ll need to make sure you have a good coffee grinder. Something that you may want to try is Infusion’s special, barrel-aged coffees such as their Bourbon aged washed Burundi and the washed Mexican that has been aged in a tequila agave barrel.
Pack sizes8oz
Bag priceFrom $13.85
Whole bean & ground?Whole bean only
Subscription service?No


Xanadu coffee roasters is one of the largest specialty coffee roasters in Arizona. Operating out of Downtown Phoenix, Xanadu supplies their coffee to some of the most popular specialty coffee shops in the Valley, as well as fine restaurants, offices, bars, and more. Founded in 2008, the company is co-owned by Randy Denton and Jessica Bueno.

Denton has been in the coffee business for 15 years, having started out as a barista and working his way up to be coffee cart business manager, cafe co-owner, and coffee roaster, among other things.

Bueno is equally passionate and invested her time and money into the coffee industry. As accounts manager, she’s helped shape the company into the multifaceted and growing business it is today.

On top of their high quality, specialty roasted coffee, Xanadu also offers nitro and cold brew coffees, as well as other non-coffee drinks. They also offer coffee equipment repair and maintenance services, and they even run a small co-op where other smaller roasters can use their equipment.

On the Xanadu website, you’ll find a selection of different coffees that include a range of single origins and blends. Amongst the blends is one that has been specially developed for making cold brew coffee.

Xanadu has a range of different roast profiles to choose from. From light to medium-dark, there’s something for everyone. Darker roasting is not something you’ll typically find with special coffee roasters, but when it’s done well, it produces a coffee with little bitterness.

Prices start from $15 for a 12oz bag of whole bean or ground coffee. Anyone of the coffees on offer are also available as part of their monthly subscription service. Simply select the amount of bags you want to receive and whether or not you want whole bean or ground.
Pack sizes12oz / 5lbs
Bag priceFrom $15
Whole bean & ground?Both
Subscription service?Yes


Peixoto is one of the oldest coffee roasters in the business. With a history that goes back at least 150 years, Peixoto (pronounced pay-sho-tow) is more than a family business – it’s a family tradition.

Beginning as a small, family-owned coffee farm in rural Brazil, the estate grew from generation to generation, culminating in the 2000s with its current reincarnation, the Fazenda São José da Boa Vista (Saint José’s Farm of Good View).

This is a 600 acre farm located in the Brazilian highlands, with 18 distinct coffee plots. Each plot supports a different variety, producing coffees of unique flavor profiles.

In 2015, Peixoto family descendant Julia Peixoto Peters opened the flagship Peixoto cafe and store at 11 W Boston St Suite 6 in Chandler. Peixoto Coffee patrons can enjoy coffee that is not only top quality, but also one of the very few crop-to-cup coffees in the nation.

First and foremost on the company’s website, you’ll notice the Peixoto Family Coffees from their farm in Brazil. Owning their own farm means that they are easily able to experiment with different fermentation techniques, something which is showcased in their bags of Estudo.

Alongside the coffee from their farm in Brazil is a variety of single origins and blends from other Latin American countries as well as Africa and Asia. Prices start from $18.95 for a 12oz bag of whole bean or ground coffee. If you can’t decide due to the abundance of coffees on offer, take advantage of the sample pack of three 4oz bags of Peixoto’s most popular coffees.

You can also take advantage of the company’s monthly subscription service. Receive a bag of freshly roasted coffee each month, enjoying up to a 20 percent discount against regular prices.
Pack sizes12oz / 5lbs
Bag priceFrom $18.95
Whole bean & ground?Both
Subscription service?Yes


Provision started out in 2011 as a wholesale coffee roaster and retailer, backed by co-founder Daniel Suh’s extensive knowledge of coffee. Aside from selling coffee, the company sold coffee equipment and also offered professional training (all of which it still does). They soon opened a store in Chandler, followed by a high-end coffee bar at 4501 N 32nd Street, in the east valley of Phoenix.

Combining Suh’s coffee expertise and co-founder Lawrence Jarvey’s years of experience in the fine dining and bar industries, Provision offers artisan foods, classic cocktails, and craft beers and wines, on top of their specialty coffees.

Suh and Jarvey take a community approach, not only in their cafe, but also with the coffees they import for roasting. They mostly trade directly with farmers in Central America and in Africa, nurturing mutually beneficial relationships.

The result is top quality specialty coffee which brings people together in Phoenix and is a force for positive change for farmers and families living oceans away.

The Provision website has a small selection of blends and single origins that come in beautifully designed packaging. Prices start from $14 for 8oz bags of whole bean coffee only.

Provision also has available a subscription service to make sure you never run out of great-tasting coffee. Select between one to three bags to be delivered monthly, which can be modified or cancelled at any time.
Pack sizes8oz
Bag priceFrom $14
Whole bean & ground?Whole bean only
Subscription service?Yes


Cartel Coffee Lab is a coffee roasters and cafe chain with seven branches altogether, five of which are in the greater Phoenix area. Their flagship coffee shop in Tempe, at 810 S Ash Ave, is Cartel’s first branch and is also their roastery.

The original San Franciscan roaster (by now retired) is still proudly on display, with the roasting taking place in a separate area in the back of the building.

Cartel selects their coffees carefully, working either directly with farmers or through top-notch importers. They take a hands-on approach to their coffee, and their Director of Coffee Production personally visits the farms each year.

As well as on the Cartel website, you can find their coffees at any of their seven locations. The website stocks a nice selection of single origins and blends from Latin America and Africa.

Prices start from $15 for a 12oz bag of coffee that comes as whole bean only. Cartel has a very flexible subscription service that can also be purchased as a gift for your fellow coffee lover.

Choose between the company’s signature blend, their decaf, or a single origin specially selected by the roaster. Decide whether to have your coffee delivered weekly, fortnightly, or every four weeks, depending on how much caffeine you need to get through the week.
Pack sizes12oz / 2lbs / 5lbs
Bag priceFrom $15
Whole bean & ground?Whole bean only
Subscription service?Yes

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