Best 9 New York Specialty Coffee Roasters
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Best 9 New York Specialty Coffee Roasters

Over 60% of New Yorkers drink more than one cup of coffee per day, and with over 30 specialty coffee roasters in town, there is a limitless supply of high-quality coffee for everyone to enjoy.

There’s simply no reason to continue drinking bodega coffee when you know there are better options in town.

If you’re unsure where to start, I’ve compiled a list of the best New York specialty coffee roasters.

The best New York specialty coffee roasters are Devocion, City of Saints, Peaks Coffee Co., and SEY Coffee. You can also venture out to Brooklyn Roasting Company if you’re looking for specialty coffee in Brooklyn. 

Once you’ve tried one of the coffee roasters from the list below, you’ll want to try them all.

Keep reading to find out what the best coffee roasters in New York are and what makes them the best!

1. Devocion

Steven Sutton established Devocion in 2006. He intended to bring rich Colombian coffee to New York.

The fresh coffee beans are roasted within ten days from the moment they are harvested, maintaining the coffee’s purity.

Devocion stands out as one of New York’s best specialty coffee roasters because of the freshness of their coffee and their wide range of blends.

Coffee BlendCompositionSizeAmount
TOROCacao, vanilla, almond, and cherry.12oz/340g$19+

Wild Forest
Wild berries, cherry, cocoa butter, cherry agraz, and caramel.


Honey, orange blossom, eucalyptus, and caramel.


Cinnamon, caramel, and peach.


Mandarin peel, lemongrass, orange blossom, and lemon.120z/340g$19+

Red Barrel
Cranberry, pomegranate, lemongrass, and blackberry.12oz/340g$23+



Devocion also has limited edition flavors, such as: 

  • EL DIVISO SIDRA. Pineapple, lavender, rose apple, orange marmalade, and lychee. 
  • GESHA LA RIVERA. Apricot, honeysuckle, white grape, green apple, and panela. 
  • LA PRADERA ORGANIC. Plum, oak, tamarind, and dark chocolate.
  • LAS ROSAS. Red apple, rose, and nougat. 

The Devocion coffee blends are available in four coffee shops throughout New York:

  • Flatiron District, Manhattan.
  • Downtown Brooklyn.
  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
  • Dumbo, Brooklyn.

2. City of Saints Coffee Roasters

The City of Saints Coffee Roasters sources coffee beans from some of the best coffee-growing regions, such as Peru, Ethiopia, Brazil, and Rwanda.

Besides creating coffee partnerships, this specialty coffee roaster is a gem that provides excellent brewed coffee to New Yorkers. 

This coffee roaster has sought to blend in and meet the community’s needs by placing a huge emphasis on community  building.

If you live near these roasters–you’re probably already familiar with them.

City of Saints coffee is sold in:

  • Bushwick Cafe & Roastery, Brooklyn, New York.
  • Hoboken Cafe, Hoboken, New Jersey. 

Some of the specialty coffee blends you should try are:

  • 1320
  • Denizen
  • Woodsman (dark series)
  • Santa Barbara (dark series)
  • Bosley
  • Guatemala
  • Pool Party
  • Sitio Canaa
  • Colombia Santa Maria
  • Sumatra Sara Ate
  • Ethiopia Nansebo Bulga
  • Finca Campo Hermosa
  • IPA Bourbon Colombia
  • Cafe 1959 Don Ruiz

Cafe 1959 Don Ruiz is one of the latest coffee blends, harvested from Jorge Correa’s farm in San Juan.

This coffee blend combines Geisha, yellow and red bourbon, tabi, and typica coffees. 

The slow drying and 48-hour fermentation process results in a burst of strawberry, fig, and passion fruit flavors, which make this one of the best specialty coffee under the City of Saints Coffee Roasters.  

3. Peaks Coffee Co.

The Peaks Coffee Co. is in Syracuse, New York. It boasts a range of coffee blends that they distribute across the US.

The rich coffee is specially sourced from coffee-growing regions, specifically Ethiopia, Burundi, and Colombia.

Coffee from different regions has various tastes and standards, influencing the final coffee roast.

For example, the coffee from Ngozi Province in Burundi is of the red bourbon variety.

This coffee undergoes a double fermentation process, resulting in a perfect hot or cold coffee, leaning strongly towards stone fruit, cocoa, and syrupy long finish. 

The coffee variety from Ethiopia has a juicy long finish, with raspberry and tropical fruit flavors. 

The coffee from Colombia undergoes a similar process as that from Ethiopia, as it is washed and sundried after a 36-hour fermentation process.

However, it has chocolate, praline, and bing cherry flavors. 

Peaks Coffee CO. has a unique approach when selling its coffee roaster.

Besides selling its roasted coffee to retail coffee stores, it also has subscription options, where some blends are supplied weekly while others are delivered every two or four weeks. 

Here are some of the specialty Peaks Coffee Co. blends you should try. 

Coffee BlendFlavorsOrigin
Mountain Climber EspressoBalanced chocolate and citrus.Colombia & Guatemala
Colombia Sugarcane E.A. DecafDark chocolate, elderberry, and maple syrup. Colombia
TrailblazerBittersweet chocolate, burnt sugars, and dark stone fruits.Colombia

4. SEY Coffee

SEY Coffee, located on 18 Grattan Street, Brooklyn, is another of New York’s specialty coffee roasters.

The retail store sells a range of delicious coffee and coffee beans to other retail stores and customers. 

The founders, Lance Schnorenberg and Tobin Polk, once worked with a San Diego-based coffee roaster before opening SEY Coffee in New York.

This coffee roaster sources its coffee beans from coffee-planting regions across the globe.

They have selectively picked the best coffee flavors and aromas that set them apart from other roasters. 

SEY Coffee has established a link with the coffee growers for a sustainable supply of excellent quality coffee to New Yorkers.

Their primary coffee suppliers are from Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Honduras, and Colombia. 

Some of the specialty coffee flavors are:

  • Esdras Guevara LA FUENTE FIELD BLEND. This is an organic variety that is 60% Catuai, 30% Yellow Catuai, and 10% Bourbon. It has a balanced profile of honey and stone fruit and a touch of acidity that is quite subtle. The coffee is hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, de-pulped, and dry fermented for at least 22 hours. 
  • Hada Molecha ETHIOPIAN LANDRACE. It is an exclusively-selected coffee with a distinct aroma of pink lemonade, plum, and lemon verbena. The coffee is hand-picked when ripe, de-pulped, and wet fermented for 36-72 hours. It is then dried for almost two weeks until it achieves 10% moisture levels. 
  • Mabel Moreno PIEDRAS AMARILLAS PACAS – WASHED Honduras. This has been a constant coffee blend on the shelves of SEY Coffee. It has black raspberry, lychee, and orange blossom honey.

5. Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters

The Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters opened its doors on Rector & Broadways in 2008.

Rachel and Joyoon Han, a mother and daughter duo, are certified Q Arabica Graders who have perfected the search for the best coffee beans for their specialty coffee. 

Besides working closely with coffee farmers to guarantee sustainability and fair compensation, Bean & Bean has also put in measures to improve the livelihoods of women who have been unfairly compensated compared to their male counterparts.

The two also ensured women were getting a fair shot at training to improve the quality of coffee beans they produce. 

Here are some of the most popular Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters coffee blends:

Downtown Blend
A blend of coffee from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. It has hints of cedar, cocoa, sweet herbs, and lemongrass.


Peru Las Damas
Fully washed beans with tangerine, peach, and caramel flavors. 


Indonesia Sumatra
The coffee is collected from over 1,000 Indonesian coffee farmers and has an earthy, rich flavor with a tangy finish. 


Hawaii Kona Extra Fancy
Tastes of green apple, honey, and brown sugar. It is medium roasted and has an exceptional aroma and creamy texture. 

Ethiopia SidamoStrong lemon, honey, and jasmine tastes. 12oz/340g$19+
Santa Felisa Gesha WashedSourced from Guatemala. The tasting notes are apricot, cane sugar, lime, peach, and bergamot. 


6. Brooklyn Roasting Company

Jim Munson founded the Brooklyn Roasting Company in Williamsburg in 2009.

He was an experienced brewer who worked in the Brooklyn Brewery & Dallis Bros Coffee, so by the time he opened his company, he was ready to offer New Yorkers quality coffee.   

In 2011, this roasting company opened its first roastery in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Since then, Brooklyn Roasting Company has forged excellent relationships with coffee farmers, vendors, and customers, which has helped it grow into one of New York’s specialty coffee roasters. 

Their coffee has colorful flavors that stand out to New York coffee lovers. 

Some of the coffee varieties you should try include:

  • Tokyo Blend. The taste notes are honey, flowers, and milk chocolate. The coffee is from Colombia and Ethiopia, and the coffee varieties are typica and bourbon. 
  • Cold brew. The coffee beans are from Sumatra. It undergoes a gentle, slow brewing process that brings out the sweet, rich, and low caffeine concentrates with earthy, plum, and dark chocolate flavors. 
  • Ethiopia Banko Gotiti. Ethiopian coffee is one of the most flavorful in the world. Since they are sun-dried, their flavor is more fruity. 
  • Mexico Oaxaca. It has citrus, honey, and milk chocolate notes. The coffee blend combines bourbon, typica, and Mundo Novo varieties. 

7. Oslo Coffee Roasters

The Oslo Coffee Roasters opened its doors to New York coffee enthusiasts in 2003.

JD and Kathy Merget started the small coffee business in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It began serving the community, but soon it evolved into a large coffee establishment, roasting and selling its high-quality coffee across the US. 

It sells its specialty coffee to retailers at wholesale prices.

The business has four coffee shops on Bedford Avenue and Roebling Street, Williamsburg, Upper East Side, and West Village, selling specialty coffee to walk-in customers.  

Here are some popular specialty coffees under the Oslo Coffee Roasters flagship.

Thor House BlendBerries, raw sugar, and chocolate liquor. 12oz/340g$15.50+
Freya Dark Roast BlendHoney, caramel, and molasses. 12oz/340g$15+
Odin EspressoOrange, ripe berries, and baker’s chocolate.

Golden Tree BlendApricot, chocolate, and praline.12oz/340g$17+
Decaf House BlendMelowy acidity.12oz/340g$16+

8. Counter Culture Coffee

Since its establishment in 1995, Counter Culture Coffee has undergone various transformations in its quest for perfect coffee blends.

The company was among the first to sell shed-grown specialty coffee, known as Sanctuary coffee. 

In 2002, under the stewardship of founders Brett Smith and Fred Houk, the company became a certified organic coffee roaster. 

Over the years, Counter Culture Coffee has opened branches in other parts of the US, including Durham in South Carolina, Miami, and San Francisco Bay Area.

I have also listed the best coffee roasters in San Francisco to help you track New York roasters with coffee shops in San Francisco. 

Besides selling specialty coffee, the company undertakes training on coffee production and ways to maintain the coffee’s authenticity from the farm to the roaster. 

Some of the best coffee blends are:

  • Equilibrium Limited Edition. The coffee is from East Africa and Central America and has notes of tangerine and mixed berries. You can get a 12oz/340g bag at $22.
  • Apollo. The coffee is sourced from Ethiopia and has floral and citrusy notes, resulting in a sweet, silky taste. Apollo is $17 – $90 for a 12oz/340g,  24oz/680g, or 5lb/2.3kg bag. 
  • Big Trouble. This specialty coffee is one of the most complex under Counter Culture Coffee because it is difficult to get coffee with its specific characteristics all year. It has caramel, nutty, and chocolate flavors. Expect to pay $16 – $85 for bags of different sizes. 
  • Big Trouble Single Serve. This is a convenient single-serve coffee that you can serve on the go. Each serving costs $2.25 – $10.5.
  • Decaf Urcunina. Sourced from Colombia, this decaffeinated coffee is one of the sweetest, with notes of green grape and maple syrup. 
  • Finca Santa Elena. This coffee has blends of pacamara and bourbon varieties and has cocoa, cashew, and dried cherry notes. 

9. Spectrum Coffees

Spectrum Coffees is a specialty coffee brand run by a team of coffee enthusiasts and professionals who understand the importance of precision roasts, sourcing high-quality coffee, and pricing.  

The team seeks to find seasonal coffee from coffee growers across the globe.

The specialty coffees are roasted to bring out exquisite flavors that meet the coffee tastes of New Yorkers. 

Some of the famous Spectrum specialty coffee blends are:

  • La Folie, Antigua, Guatemala. It is from the bourbon and caturra variety, has low acidity, and has strawberry and milk chocolate notes. 
  • Layo #5, Uraga, Ethiopia. When hot, it has a citrus aroma, but when it cools, it first tastes of Jasmine and honeysuckle. The end note is a tart and stone fruit taste. 
  • Chota # 1, Cajamarca, Peru. It blends the typica, bourbon, caturra, and catuai field varieties. It has delicate vanilla and citrus notes with nectarine acidity. 


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