Top 5 Melbourne Specialty Coffee Roasters

Top 5 Melbourne Specialty Coffee Roasters

Are you looking for a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee to complement the scenic beauty of Melbourne?

Melbourne boasts some of the best specialty coffee roasters in the country.

But what makes these roasters stand out?

The best Melbourne coffee roasters are Proud Mary Coffee Roasters, Ruble Coffee, Industry Beans, ONA Coffee, and Market Lane Coffee. They ensure the highest quality and unforgettable taste in every sip. 

These are some of my favorite specialty roasters in the city and definitely stand out among the rest.

So, let’s check out what makes these roasters stand out.

I will also add tables for each roastery to help you assess their best features.

1. Proud Mary Coffee Roasters

When it comes to coffee beans, Proud Mary knows how to brew them right! If you are around Oxford Street, check out the cafe to indulge in their high-quality:

  • Delux
  • Espresso
  • Blend coffee
  • Filter coffee, and more

These warm and soothing coffees come from beans grown within their factory to ensure you receive the most delectable sip to light up your day.

Proud Mary is the love and brain-child of Shari and Nolan Hirte, a proud husband and wife team looking to make everyone’s day with coffee.

The cafe came to fruition back in 2009 when the couple decided to offer every guest an unforgettably warm experience through a cup of steaming beverage.

This cafe has outlets around the world, including in Portland and Austin. Their team of employees lives and breathes coffee.

They source their coffee beans from America and Australia, choosing only beans with the best blends of flavors, which are then roasted to perfection for your enjoyment. 

Nolan and Shari work with the most dedicated farmers to pick out the best beans for the best cuppa for all customers.

They have been faithful buyers from their farmers for many years and ensure quality over all other aspects.

Working with these experienced farmers has helped them ensure that their coffee is of high quality in terms of taste and experience for everyone who visits this cafe. 

Here at Proud Mary, you can indulge in the most delicious:

  • Pastries
  • Smoothies
  • Cakes
  • All-day breakfast 
  • Lunch platters

Alongside your bubbling and frothy roasted coffee, you’ll be able to give yourself a wonderful sweet or savory treat.

All their retail shops take pride in spoiling their customers with love and great meals with fantastic coffee. 

Proud Mary also offers wholesale purchases if you run a small coffee shop or start your own family cafe.

Their dedication to a growing coffee community includes helping small, coffee-based businesses thrive. 

Official Website
Package Size0.55lb / 1.1lb / 2.20lb
Starting Price$16+
Whole or Ground BeansBoth
Availability of Subscription ServiceYes

2. Rumble Coffee

Rumble Coffee has earned its reputable name thanks to its rich, smooth, and delectable coffee ranges that people love.

As a company full of coffee enthusiasts, Rumble Coffee has made a name in the industry for its cafe management and perfectly roasted beans.

They are also well-known for helping small cafes and businesses soar by offering wholesale purchases to many starting brands.

As a company that knows its coffee well, Rumble prioritizes quality over quantity, ensuring that your steaming mug gives you more than your expected satisfaction.

They run some of the best cafes around the city and guarantee transparent sales and distribution practices.

You will find them striving for perfection at one of the many warehouses in the backstreets of Kensington. 

Each cafe under that has received prestigious awards for maintaining the top quality cuppas for years to come.

Their ethically-sourced beans from the best suppliers around the world enrich every sip you take.

Their openness about their sourcing through their official website Transparency Project makes them a rare brand with no issue conveying their business practices to the public. 

Here, you can enjoy some exotic and flavorful blends from sources such as:

If you love a good coffee blend, you’ll be spoiled for choice. And if you like your steaming mug to remain pure without infusions, Rumble Coffee’s single origin collection is perfect for you.

You can also opt for their everyday (or “Office” coffee) for your regular consumption. 

Rumble’s coffee comes with the perfect blends to grace your lips. Their espressos are bold and robust with flavor.

Try out their filter roasts which come with a rich aroma and a pleasant taste to wake up to every morning. 

The best part about Rumble Coffee is the open invitation to all consumers to watch and learn more about their roasting process at their Espresso Bar in Kensington.

Activities like this make Rumble, yet again, a trustworthy company not only for its frankness but also for customer satisfaction and high-quality brew. 

Official Website
Package Size0.55lb / 2.20lb
Starting Price$17+
Whole or Ground BeansBoth
Availability of Subscription ServiceYes

3. Industry Beans

Industry Beans is a beautiful blend of roasting coffee and brotherly love.

It is not just another coffee company but a pivotal setup during the peak of the 2010 Third Wave Coffee movement.

Industry Beans began inside a garage through Trevor and Steve Simmons, brothers united by their love for the hearty, steaming, and rich taste of coffee. 

Their brews exude love, dedication, and a true passion for coffee, which you can fully experience through their finest mugs of love.

Their approach was all about bringing and encouraging natural products to be part of the production.

The aim was to push for more transparency and honesty in every cup of freshly brewed coffee and earn the trust of earnest clients.

The Simmons brothers have worked hard to create fortified relations with dedicated coffee bean farmers worldwide.

Doing so has created a long-term business with the best global coffee producers who know their craft. 

Industry beans strive on its three priorities:

  • Sourcing the beans
  • Roasting them to perfection
  • Brewing the coffee to enhance its robust yet melodic taste

The brothers have researched the various growing conditions, best temperatures, and atmospheres for the best thriving beans available globally.

Their high-quality specialty coffee has taken over their locals by storm, helping the Simmons brothers open several shops across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Their customer service continues to stay unique, high quality, and the best in the area, according to multitudes of coffee enthusiasts who visit the cafes most often!

Industry Brewers create an immersive experience, helping their clients understand the deeper connections between their brunch menu and their coffee.

These two culinary experiences strike a perfect chord together, especially if you like ending it as a hearty meal with an espresso martini. 

Alternatively, if you want a playful cup of coffee that will make your Instagram pop, you can try out their Coffee Bubble Cup.

This coffee includes tapioca pearls that create a burst of unique flavors.

And if you are on the move, visit their official website to check out the sought-after seasonal blends and order some of their signature coffee for your home.

Official Website
Package Size0.55lb / 1.1lb / 2.20lb
Starting PriceA$17+
Whole or Ground BeansBoth
Availability of Subscription ServiceYes

4. ONA Coffee

ONA Coffee takes the cake when it comes to the best coffee roasters in Melbourne.

This immensely successful coffee shop was opened in 2008 and is run by Saša Šestic, a former World Barista Champion, which helped make it an instant favorite among many coffee enthusiasts.

ONA strives to help people connect over coffee and teach them more about discovering and brewing the best beans. 

The cafes by ONA pride themselves in their specialty blends and even hold a reserved menu to try with their frozen coffee beans.

The sources are sustainable and adhere to the core values set in store by Saša Šestic. They are:

  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Community

There is always loads to learn at the ONA Coffee cafe, especially as the restaurant experts experiment with different flavors to find the perfect roasted flavors that create a memorable taste.

ONA Coffee works extensively with Project Origin to trade with the best global coffee farmers.

Project Origin helps to keep intermediaries at bay and allows ONA coffee to deal directly with these farmers and yield the best results in beans purchase.

ONA also believes in giving back to the farming community, reflecting its pricing structure. 

Since farmers receive higher premiums for coffee sales, the prices set by ONA ensure that the coffee farmers receive excellent remuneration for their hard work.

ONA sells coffee in three formats:

  • Espresso
  • Milk-Based
  • Filter Coffee

You can also choose from ONA’s roasted single origins and roasted variants to enjoy a cup of coffee.

ONA’S five venues and wholesale retailers all over Sydney and globally strive to encourage and spread the good word of maintaining the highest standard in roasted coffee production. 

The company’s production standards make this coffee taste like magic and create a lasting memory of you drinking the finest brews that make it the price worthwhile.

ONA also offers professional coffee training courses to upcoming baristas.

Here, you will get to learn about:

  • Working at a local cafe
  • Making the perfect coffee at home
  • General coffee-making skills

These courses are available for private training and personalized classes.

They range from one to three hours and include in-person courses that come complete with training from well-known coffee professionals.

ONA offers three types of teaching sessions:

  • Personal training: Available for a maximum of four people. The courses are 1-3 hours long.
  • Cupping sessions: This hour-long course involves experiencing various flavors of coffee from the freezer vault.
  • Specialty sessions: You choose the skill set you wish to master, and a professional trainer will guide you on that portion. These courses are 2-3 hours long.
Official Website
Package Size0.55lb / 2.20lb
Starting Price$14.50+
Whole or Ground BeansGround
Availability of Subscription ServiceYes

5. Market Lane Coffee

If you love to sip your steaming mug inside a cafe bustling with life and joy? Then head over to Market Lane Coffee at Queen Victoria Market.

Here, you can indulge in filter beans and espresso that taste heavenly and rich. 

As a boutique coffee roaster, Market Lane Coffee also works as a retailer to help distribute the most high-quality and unique coffee beans to dedicated cafes.

Their exceptionally well-brewed coffee brings out the warmest and most joyous moments with every sip.

Market Lane Coffee was started in 2009 by Fleur Studd and Jason Scheltus.

They found it was a challenge to lay hands on fresh and good-quality coffee around Melbourne, which is what motivated Fluer and Jason to start this roastery. 

They strive to bring the highest quality of fresh and seasonal coffee beans to Melbourne locally and sustainably, sourcing them from well-known suppliers.

They believed transparency and genuineness are the keys to attracting coffee enthusiasts to their dream business. 

Market Lane Coffee strives to make the best coffee beans and steaming mugs more accessible.

The team consists of individuals who love the idea of high quality and fair business practices.

And so, in 2010, the duo welcomed in their third brain-in-the-works, Jenni Bryant. 

Market Lane Coffee strives to connect with more hardworking farmers, breweries, and professionals who are all about coffee.

Currently, the brand owns six shops in Melbourne.

These shops aim to create strong local communities and welcome everyone who needs a warm caffeine embrace. 

When Market Lane is not selling coffee, they offer various coffee roasting courses to help ambitious baristas have a unique edge in the industry.

The brand creates a skillful and dedicated workforce, all working to develop a name for rich and enriching coffee. 

Courses offered by Market Lane include:

  • How to Make Espresso
  • How to Roast Coffee Beans
  • How to Make Filter Coffee
  • Coffee Appreciation Class

These courses are geared toward helping coffee enthusiasts understand the basics of being a talented barista in this highly demanded profession. 

Official Website
Package Size0.55lb / 2.20lb
Starting Price$18+
Whole or Ground BeansBoth
Availability of Subscription ServiceYes


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